Tentative list of area leaders and team members

Kurt Radamaker - Compiler
kurtrad "AT" mexicobirding.com

Area leaders please click here for Count Leader Information Packet

Area Name (click area for details) Leader Team Members Confirmed participation this year
I Box Bar Andree Tarby No atarby "AT" cox.net
Daniela Yellan    
Krys Hammers    
        Richard Kaiser                  
II Rio Verde Harvey Beatty No hbbeatty1 "AT" cox.net
 Pat Yovonovitz  


III Verde River north-east Kurt Radamaker Yes kurtrad "AT" mexicobirding.com
Cindy Radamaker  
IV Verde River mid-west Greg Clark No rai "AT" primenet.com
Joyce Goodman    
Brian Ison    
        Jack Bartley    
V Fountain Hills Mel Bramley   No

melbramley "AT" cox.net

        Jon Mann    
        Ken Furtado    
VI Fort McDowell east Mark Larson Yes larsonwarren "AT" gmail.com
        Janet Witzeman    
        Scott Burge    
        Tom & Barb Danielsen    
        Lisa Fitzner    
VII Fort McDowell west Marceline Vandewater Yes marceline "AT" ermaroni.net
Tice Supplee    
        Andy Laufman    
        Paul Kinslow    
Andy Laufman  


VIII Adams Mesa / Salt River Craig Anderson Yes candersonm17 "AT" yahoo.com
        Cathy Wise    
        Steve Prager    
        Steve Prager    
        Terri Ratley    
IX Fort McDowell south Troy Corman Yes aplomado "AT" cox.net
Justin Jones    
        Tom Lewis              
Bill Burger  
X Salt River Recreation area Dom D'Agosto Yes D10330@cox.net
Karen Stucke
Don Maas  
Jim Consolloy
Brian Sutter
XI Blue Point Harold Bond Yes Luv2owl "AT" aol.com
Marilyn Reiling    
        Jeanne Burns    
XII Saguaro Lake/ Stewart Spillway Dianna Herron Yes  
XIII   Open    
XIV Sugarloaf Mountain Open No  
Tim Price
XV Lone Mountain Open
To be assigned

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