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Baja California
Big Ear
I have been interested in nature and birding most of my life. I grew up in Southern California where I started birding at the age of 8 and completed Cornell Laboratory's Seminars in Ornithology at age 15. I enjoy photographing and writing about birds. I met Cindy my wife in 1992 when I was teaching Ornithology at the University of La Verne in California and we have shared a lasting passion for each other and for birding. We have traveled extensively and have led bird tours to several areas in the U.S., Mexico and Central America. My Biological Background

Cindy's Website http://www.mexicobirding.com/adventures/

Cindy and I found this Eurasian Dotterel, a first record for Mexico, while leading a field trip for the San Diego Birding Festival
This Flesh-footed Shearwater was photographed in March of 1996 and was not accepted as the first verifiable record for Mexico until 10 years later when digital enhancements of the slide unequivocally show a flesh colored bill. This record is published in Western Birds
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Ross's Gull
Salton Sea 18 November 2006
Crested Owls
Sierra LLorona Lodge, Panama, 2 December 2006
Cindy found this Kirtland's Warbler at New Smyrna Beach in Florida. It was the first photographic verification of Kirtland's Warbler in Florida and was published the Florida Field Naturalist
My Arizona license plate in honor of John Xantus. One of the premier ornithologist and collectors of his day. Not only does he have the a few birds named in his honor, the family of night lizards xantusiidae is named in his honor.